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Author Topic: New Axes  (Read 1237 times)

Offline stevie axeman

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New Axes
« on: February 19, 2010, 05:14:27 AM »
Finally - over the next 2 or 3 days - I will post pics / specs on my 3 new axes  -
My noo bloo Fly Deluxe - purchased at last October's USM Factory Tour
My Schecter 7 string purchased in Jan - which is very deeeeeep
My Caparison Horus - purchased a few days ago - and is very cute - with gold trimmings

They all sound and feel very different - and continue to challenge & inspire me in different ways, just like when I occasionally pick up my early 80s Ibanez Blazer

*New! Caparison Horus,  Schecter C7 Hellraiser! ,  Blue/green-burst 09 Fly Deluxe , Natural Mahogany Fly Mojo, Brian Moore i9.13 ,Godin ACS-SA
Bogner XTC Classic (in Purple!), Fender Blues DeVille, Fishman Performer amps
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Majik Blue 02 Fly Deluxe, Blue/green-burst 09 Fly Deluxe , Natural Mahogany 05 Fly Mojo, Vigier Shawn Lane, Caparison Horus,  Schecter C7 Hellraiser ,   Brian Moore i9.13 ,Godin ACS-SA
Bogner XTC Classic ,Fishman Performer amps
,Fishman Aura Blender,