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Author Topic: Blackstar HT Boost!  (Read 1595 times)

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Blackstar HT Boost!
« on: July 16, 2010, 03:05:09 PM »
Yup, I just purchased a Blackstar HT Boost!

For those who don't know it:
Briefly, it's a quite large, AC powered pedal, with a Sovtek 12AX7 valve, run at "real" hih voltage @300V (and not "starved" like other pedals, such as Tonebone), thus delivering a real 2-stages valve clean boost.

It's got just three controls: gain, bass and treble boost boost/cut, to help refine the shape of the boost and avoid to get muddy bass and fizzy treble. It also has two separate outputs, one for valve amps and one for SS or pedals. So very easy to use, I immediately found an excellent sound. Yes, there's a lot of gain on tap, the manual says "2 cascaded valve gain stages". I use gain at 25-30%, bass at 50% and treble at 65-70%.

How does it sound? Well... much better than any other od/dist pedals I've ever tried or owned (i had several Boss, digitech, Rat and some boutique too). I think the main issue is the HT run valve: no solid-state parts here. It really keeps the toen of the amp, by adding clean gain and true valve dynamics. Simply excellent.

The drawback is the large size of both the pedal and the power supply, but it's built like a rock and it looks and feels very tough (metal casing).

EDIT: the HT Boost gets hot while operating, in fact it has a grille vent on it's front. Valves always produce heat!
Versatility wise, it's a one trick pony of course. What do u expect from it? it's a clean boost. The Bass and Treble knobs have enough range to fit virtually any guitar and amp, keeping in mind that the aim is not to coloyur the tone, but just to add clean gain, preserving the tone of amp and guitar as much a possible.

Sounds clips will follow!


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