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Author Topic: How to do better PA and survive!  (Read 1259 times)

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How to do better PA and survive!
« on: February 16, 2011, 10:23:15 AM »
I recommend the Yamaha Pro Sound Manual for starters. It will give you the basics and trust me you really need the basics! When you mic anything that has massive transients like a kick drum or a bass guitar you better have a PA that is setup with electronic crossover (separate amps for low, mids and highs)and a compressor. There is not a powered PA head made (to my knowledge) that uses electronic crossover. There is no way around this because it is plane physics you are dealing with. If you can afford it some of the new powered speakers work really well, but are not cheep. Don't depend on your local music dealer because they out of ignorance or malice will try to sell you a newer version of what you already have and that will not solve the problem. If you have a local sound company in your area get real tight with them and see how they do it.
Warren Castaneira