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Author Topic: What next  (Read 10330 times)

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What next
« Reply #90 on: November 25, 2011, 12:41:50 PM »
The cape was great. Amazing what two days off will do for your head. Heated pool,Hot Tub, Great food and lots of fun. We stopped off at a turkey farm and picked out a nice Tom 26 lbs. He cooked up real nice, my wife is a wiz in the kitchen and I made the stuffing. We had my Mom and brother as well as my brother and sister in laws over. I love having family around for the holidays they are great people and good company. Work today and I can't wait to make it home for leftovers. Our kids are all home and they will eat anything and do. I hope there is something left for the boss when I get home. I am going to go to mass and then curl up with my guitar and just relax tonight. Life is good.
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