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Author Topic: 98 Fly Butternut  (Read 1538 times)

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98 Fly Butternut
« on: December 24, 2011, 02:15:27 AM »
I'm new to the forums and was hoping to get some info about my Parker. I.E. value (for insurance purposes)  or any comments you may have. I've been poking around in the forums and have found only a few references to this model guitar.

I've got a 98 Fly Butternut "Limited" # 30, ser# 097048 BBN in mint condition.

I'm the orig owner of the guitar and purchased it from E.U. Wurlitzer music in Boston. It's been my favorite electric since the day my wife surprised me by asking why I was putting MY guitar back on the stand and not in the case?  

Yep, she saw the twinkle in my eye while I was playing it and bought it while I wasn't paying attention to her or anyone else in the store.

God I love that woman!!!

Come to think of it, she did that same thing with my favorite acoustic (a Taylor limited)

So I'd love to hear any comments about the guitar from all you Parker Lovers out there.