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Author Topic: Fly 93 Over all OUTPUT adjustment bal  (Read 1118 times)

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Fly 93 Over all OUTPUT adjustment bal
« on: February 11, 2012, 11:11:23 PM »


DOES ANYONE know how to set the balance off the pizzo and electric pick ups back to factory default on a Parker fly Delux year 93/94.and the over all output off the guitar back to factory default also. SOMEONE adjusted this on me and messed it all up. PLEASE HELP.

Here's my dilemma now. I sent my Parker to the shop to have the pizzos changed. I had a spare set so that went ok but the tech changed the output level off the pizzo system attempt to fix the pizzo problem initially and now the whole balance between the electric and acoustic systems are way off plus the over all output off the guitar is twice what it was in a bad way. Way too hot. Can't use it on a gig without turning the gain pot on the mixing board on my channel practically off and the fader nearly all the way down. Totally screwded up..
I got it back and the overall vol out off the guitar was at least twice what it was unusable. I didn't ask anyone to touch the bal on the instrument between pizzo system and electric pick ups. I feel really upset about it as I've used the guitar constantly for 18 years. It's one off the first ones made with the circuit board/ribbon cable etc. Can anyone tell me how I can adjust the 1: overall output off the guitar back to what the factory default is and also set the pizzo output system back to normal and what the factory default is. Crazy that someone would mess with this but there you have it. Anyone know how to do this or are there set markings or knotches where these volumnes are meant to be set for the default position.

Thank You