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Author Topic: Replace pre-refined Fly output jack  (Read 5384 times)

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Re: Replace pre-refined Fly output jack
« Reply #15 on: April 26, 2017, 05:05:39 PM »

The guys at Parker told me that your statement is wrong. The output jack will still work

Then they should come out and fix my 98 Deluxe (and a few other members) who have reported stereo mode quitting on them after this install. ::)

From a wiring standpoint, yes, their 'fix' should work, everything lines up and looks good. But something kills the piezo in stereo mode.

It could very well be an issue with the jack that I and others have used, maybe it's somehow shorting the piezo (ring) signal to ground. I put a decent number of hours into trying to troubleshoot, and I can guarantee that my fly is wired exactly as the diagram provided by USMusic, with a Switchjack Endpin jack, and my piezo is dead in stereo mode only.

In the end I gave up troubleshooting, as this guitar is a workhorse - far from flawless, and the lack of stereo output didn't bother me too much. If I ever get ambitious enough to find out why, I'll post the results.

Just giving a fair warning, is all. Maybe it will work for you, but if you might be able to save/fix the original jack and not run the risk, why not try?

I know this is a very old post, but having recently replaced the output jack on my 99 pre-refined Classic Fly with the Fishman Switchjack, and ended up experiencing the same symptom - the piezo pickups no longer working in stereo mode - I figured I will add my experience for anyone else who might stumble upon this thread, since it does come up high in related search results.  Having read this post before, I originally chalked it up as a know issue, and an acceptable sacrifice since a) my old jack was horribly unreliable, cutting out all the time making the guitar unusable even at home, much less gigging, and really needed to be replaced and b) I never use the stereo mode, so no big loss - everything else worked perfectly, including piezo in mono mode.

But months later, I finally realized that the plug on my cable is not actually getting fully inserted into the Switchjack - by perhaps a small fraction of a mm - something that wasn't quite obvious at first.  The plug was held in securely, but lacked quite the positive snap I normally expect when plugging into a 1/4 inch jack.  I've read before that when installing the Switchjack, I can keep the original Parker black jack cover nut, so that the installation looks totally stock from the outside, and this is what I did, and indeed, everything appeared to fit and looked original from the outside.  But as it turns out, the Parker cover nut is just ever so slightly thicker than the one that came with the Switchjack, and did not allow the plug to go all the way in and make proper contact.  So I replaced the cover nut with the Switchjack one - and now, the cable plugs in with a very positive snap and click at the end, and the piezo works again in stereo mode just like before !

Parker instructions do mention that the end of some of the replacement jacks needs to be ground off to fit properly, although it also states that the Switchjack should fit with "minimal to no modifications" - which I assumed meant no grinding needed on the open end, but perhaps I read it wrong.  I think grinding off some of the Switchjack at the open end would allow it to be used with the stock cover nut - it does not seem like much is needed either.  The Switchjack cover nut does stick out about 1/3 inch out, and is shiny chrome - but I am ok with that, so I won't attempt to grind the jack for now, since at this point it would be purely for aesthetic reasons.  It also has a sort of bowl shaped guide rim around it to make pluging in by feel easier, so I might even prefer it functionally to the original.

So if you have replaced the jack, and have no piezo in stereo mode, make sure your plug is reaching all the way in !  You can try it easily by simply removing the cover nut and plugging into a loose jack (just make sure you hold it from the inside, so as not to mess up any of the delicate wiring)

Re: Replace pre-refined Fly output jack

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Re: Replace pre-refined Fly output jack
« Reply #16 on: April 26, 2017, 05:11:12 PM »

Thanks for your input.

I actually did chop off 2-3mm of the Switchjack, and made it so that the black Parker ferrule threads all the way to the shoulders of wider part of the jack. The cabler does feel like it solidly connects, but still no stereo. Before i cut the jack, the cable definitely did not fully engage .

I feel like I would have ohm'd out the end of the cable to the pin of the jack, but maybe I didn't. When I get a chance, I'll make sure i have continuity from the ring of the stereo cable all the way to the piezo pin on the Switchjack.

Even if I shown no issue with continuity, I'll switch out the to ferrule that came with the Switchjack and post results.
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Re: Replace pre-refined Fly output jack

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Re: Replace pre-refined Fly output jack
« Reply #17 on: April 26, 2017, 06:35:11 PM »
Here is what my install currently looks like :

I just realized I put the Switchjack cover nut/ferrule on the "wrong way" - the bowl side is supposed to go towards the guitar.  I think there is enough slack to move the jack further out and correct it, but I actually kind of like the bowl, so I think it will stay as is for now - plus now that it works, I am reluctant to start messing with it again.

The Switchjack itself is pretty much unmolested here, I only clipped off some of the leads inside.  I also added wires with a bit of slack to connect the new jack to the original foil cables, and did not attempt to connect it directly.  This gives the freedom to move the jack around without worrying about twisting and damaging those ridiculous foil cables.  I never found a live copy of any of the wiring instructions on-line, so I was flying by the seat of my pants there, and just connecting everything based on testing continuity on the original wiring and making sure everything is identical.

I suppose the cause of your problem might in fact be something else.  It still sounds like it could be mechanical with the jack (since my symptom was quite identical to yours), as opposed to something to do with the Fishman electronics, but I don't really know enough about it to rule anything out.

I did test mine for continuity, both before and after modification (to make sure everything was wired identically) - but as far as I recall, I did the test before installing the cover nut/ferrule, so everything tested fine at the time.

Sadly, despite making it work again, I still can't really find a use for the stereo mode anyway - to be honest I never even use the piezo pickups to begin with, and just use the magnetic ones.