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Author Topic: Parker Four Seasons - Winter Fly Proto for sale!!  (Read 2481 times)

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Parker Four Seasons - Winter Fly Proto for sale!!
« on: February 01, 2013, 11:47:28 PM »
Hey all!!

As it has previously been said, “This is the guitar that never was.” As many of you will know, three years ago Parker released the limited edition Four Seasons run of guitars with a guitar for each season. "Spring" was the first Guitar which was a Pearl White Finish, "Summer" was the second Guitar which was made of Bubinga Wood, "Fall" was the third Guitar which was made of "Olive Burl", and the "Winter" was supposed to have a Chrome Finish. There were 25 of each of the ‘seasons’ released, except for the Winter model. There were only ever two created. Parker started marketing the guitar as having a chrome finish before they had tried to build one and however they had some troubles. Due to the contours of the guitar and the fickle nature of chrome paint, it did not stick to the body as they had expected and created some imperfections. This also took longer than expected so they aborted the production of the winter guitars.

To my knowledge , Parker attempted two of these guitars and I currently have one of them. The one that I have in my possession was the first one created as a prototype and has no serial number (as is evident in the photos). This model did not meet quality control due to the paint imperfections. They then proceeded to work on one other guitar of the Winter model and this was then taken to the NAMM show in 2008. The former owner of Parker Guitars put this in his personal guitar collection when he sold the company.  The prototype guitar stayed at Parker and became part of Parker Guitar Technician & former KMFDM Guitar Player Mark Durante's private collection for a couple of years.  He then sold this to Steve McQuaid of CMC Guitars and I purchased this guitar in January 2011.

I have never gigged with this guitar and it has barely been played since it has been in my possession, however it has been regularly cleaned and kept in hard case. The craftsmanship of this guitar is phenomenal and is by far one of the finest guitars I have ever had the pleasure of playing and owning. I have provided pictures for any marks or issues that have come about due to the paint.

This is perfect for the Parker Collector trying to complete their "Four Seasons" Collection.  The lucky owner of this guitar will be one of two people in the world with a Parker "Four Seasons-Winter Chrome Guitar".

This guitar is currently for sale on eBay and can be found here