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Author Topic: Got a PDF 105  (Read 1308 times)

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Got a PDF 105
« on: September 29, 2014, 11:40:32 AM »
To replace my beloved Fly Mojo Singlecut, I went cheap.

1. The feel of the neck is satin. Reminded me of Ibanez necks I loved so much.
2. Pots. They aren't shorting out. Imagine that...
3. Weight. Two pounds lighter than the other guitar I was considering (Deluxe Power Strat). Makes me wonder what the trade-off is...
4. The Ghost. Sounds actually pretty darn good by itself. It sounds even better through the Fishman Aura.

1. Blackburst. This is what I got because it was in stock (I need the guitar for this coming weekend). I don't like this color nor the vintage burst -at least with the quilt. I wish it came in something more utilitarian. I feel like I'm supposed to metal shred every time I look at it.
2. Lack of coil tap.
3. Pups. The 59 and Custom just aren't what I'm looking for. Also, they came from Sweetwater waaaaay too close to the strings (so close they were overloading my buffer). I backed them off as far as I could but the 59 is still too hot. Could this be the trade-off with weight? i.e. the body of the guitar is so thin that the pickup cavities are too shallow. Or maybe I just don't like the tone of the 59.

So, with that in mind... I am thinking of replacing the 59 with a Jazz. I was also considering going all out with a Hot Rodded kit (JB/Jazz).

And then there's the coil-tapping. I have a push-pull pot I never got to install on the FMS, but was wondering if anyone has ever tried the Tripleshot mounting rings?

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Re: Got a PDF 105

Offline jb63

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Re: Got a PDF 105
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2014, 10:20:09 PM »
I wasn't too keen on the pickups in the 105 either, but the neck was fantastic and I could adjust the intonation perfectly.

I never found the right pickups, either, but I did put in 2 coil taps in a PDF60 that made all the difference in the world. Everybody on the internet seems to like their tripleshots, and that would save a bunch of work and give you more options. I found that the single coil sound worked for me, and I would use the dry piezo through stomp boxes for soloing. YMMV. I gave up on it after a while.