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Author Topic: Happy Birthday to both of my Parker Guitars  (Read 1303 times)

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Happy Birthday to both of my Parker Guitars
« on: November 18, 2014, 02:24:35 PM »
On November 24 my Parker DF524NS will be 4 years old and on November 27 my custom DF522NN (for Notes Norton) will be one year old.

Since I got my first Parker, my Gibson, Epiphone and LTD guitars are sad because they almost never get played. The Parker just spoils me. It's so comfortable, easy to play, and sounds so good that it's like I'm cheating.

Playing the Parker is like driving a true sports car. Going back to the others is like driving a heavy truck without power steering or brakes.

Finding the right guitar cured me of the endless GAS that most guitarists have. I can look at other guitars and appreciate the beauty, but I have no desire to own anything but a Parker now.

Happy birthday guitars!


BTW, I feel the same way about my saxophone.

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