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Author Topic: Fly deluxe 1st gen. Neck humbucker in parallel instead of series. How.  (Read 831 times)

Offline Kim Olesen

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Hi everybody. First time poster here. I've been a Parker owner since the 1gen Parker Fly Deluxe was issued.
I want the modify the wiring so the neck humbucker is wired in parallel instead of series. But i want to keep the split coil neck/bridge on the switch mid position. Is this possible? How?

Re: Fly deluxe 1st gen. Neck humbucker in parallel instead of series. How.

Offline jefsummers

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I doubt I can answer, but I want to clarify the question. You want to change the way that the neck humbucker is wired, so that the two coils that make up the neck humbucker are in parallel rather than in series, while retaining coil tap capability and not modifying the bridge pup. Correct?

If so, looking at diagrams on the web, with DiMarzio pups the red and black wires are the start and finish for the north coil (closest to neck) and the green and gray are the start and finish for the south coil, respectively. It would then make sense (which means I am probably wrong, so please any mods are at your own risk) that for a parallel setup you would join the red and green for one lead, the gray and black for the other. For series, the two finishes are connected and you use the red and green as your hot and ground.

Your coil tap would then be the red and black.

Again, I have NO experience doing this, you are at your own risk, but based on wiring diagrams at this should work

Good luck!
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