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Author Topic: Southern Nitefly Neck Wood?  (Read 698 times)

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Southern Nitefly Neck Wood?
« on: July 05, 2017, 05:00:51 PM »
Hi folks, this is kinda a Nitefly-based thread but, figured I wanted as many folks who might know to answer so I put it in general discussion...

Based on the catalogs the earlier Southern Niteflies had Maple necks for the true telecaster-inspired sound. Later ones supposedly had mahogany. Is this basically later Southern Niteflies trying to use the same neck as the Nitefly M/SA/etc to make production simpler? If so, any idea when it changed from Maple to Mahogany? 2007/8 catalogs said Maple, 2009 catalog said Mahogany, 2010 catalog it no longer existed as a production model. Obviously this could be a catalog misprint as there seem to be a few things that seem 'wrong' in various catalogs over the years and they might all be mahogany, but just curious if anyone knows if the neck wood did genuinely change from maple to mahogany, and if so when.

Mine is 2007, so I'm guessing it's maple but until earlier today I thought all flavours of Nitefly were mahogany necks! :)
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