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Author Topic: New Parker Guy's Most Useful Tips So Far  (Read 1011 times)

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New Parker Guy's Most Useful Tips So Far
« on: December 25, 2017, 10:19:41 AM »
Hi everyone, I'm brand new to the world of Parkers.  Picked up a NiteFly M and now I'm hooked, so I bought four more.  This forum has been incredibly helpful.  Forgive me for posting this also on the Fly forum, but I now own examples of both the Fly and NiteFly, and each is amazing in its own way.

So far the most useful information I've learned is that Parker serial numbers are not completely reliable as a dating tool, that the "NiteFly History" and "FAQs" on the Parker Website are occasionally wrong, and that dating can be assisted by looking at numbers printed on some springs (Fly) and scribbled on back of pickguard (NiteFly).  Also learned that old Sperzels are often the culprit if trem will not return perfectly to tune after use (this goes for both Fly and NiteFly).  And that Parkers are happiest when the neck has zero, or almost zero, relief (this I didn't believe until I tried it).  Oh yeah, and it's a really good idea to invest a couple of bucks in a score of 3/32 ball bearings.

It's hard for me to resist tinkering.  My immediate projects have been new pickups for the NiteFly SA.  I went with a Pearly Gates in the Bridge (based on some enthusiastic endorsements here) and Fralin Split Blades in neck/middle.  Verdict is the PG is a significant improvement over stock, but the Fralins do not sound as Stratty as the original DiMarzios.  I actually really like the sound of the stock single coils but can't live with the noise.  In the next week or two I'll be loading my other HSS NiteFly with Duncans - a JB and two "classic stacks".  I'll do a comparison then and post my review.

I'm going to leave the Fly pups alone for the moment.  I really like the Gen 2 pickups.  I'll live with the Gen 1 in the 1994 for awhile before I decide whether to swap in some Gen 2s from Reverb. 

I'm in my fifties, and make my living as a lawyer and professor.  I get to live a 'fantasy camp' lifestyle with rock and roll on weekends.  My band plays covers from 60s to contemporary, and we gig quite a lot.  I'm going to play New Years with a couple of the Parkers and no other guitars (usually I take a motley collections of Strats, LPs and EBMM).  I've dumped all my Bogners and Soldanos and my live rig is now all Fractal.  We'll see how it goes!
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