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Author Topic: Steinberger Fly ?  (Read 399 times)

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Steinberger Fly ?
« on: May 18, 2018, 02:59:27 PM »
Well folks, here it is, the new Parker model everyone has been waiting for, speculating about, panting, salivating, eagerly anticipating, and so forth...

OK, not really.  But interesting nonetheless.

I wish I could read French, I'd like to read the description of this Ad.

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Re: Steinberger Fly ?

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Re: Steinberger Fly ?
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2018, 03:17:33 PM »
I saw this yesterday! Way cool! I suppose it’s a good repair strategy if you accidentally damage the upper horn of your Fly!

The seller notes this as a travel-friendly Fly; I’m not sure how much of a difference the space-saving (no headstock) would mean for me when traveling. I’ve personally never had an issue with space when taking my Fly in-cabin on a plane. My main concern is always a flight attendant overpacking the compartment with my guitar in it and crushing my instrument! If I’m lucky, the flight attendants won’t mind that I have my guitar with my at my seat, but that’s rarely the case.

Cool mod nonetheless!
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