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Author Topic: Piezo tone control (or lack thereof) & Graphtech Ghost upgrade  (Read 550 times)

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While I love being able to blend the piezo with the mag pickups on my DF, the lack of tone control for the Piezo kind of bothers me. I may be spoiled with my other favourite guitar, a Godin XTSA, which has a 3-band EQ built-in to the RMC piezo preamp, but to be able to roll off the chirp of the high-end on the Parker Fishman piezo would be very nice, when going through a normal guitar amp.

While a major Piezo upgrade for my DF is not on the immediate horizon for me, has anyone installed the Graphtech system, using more than their “basic” kit? They state you can add your own tone pot for the piezo, or use their “Mid/Dark” switch, which is included in the advanced kit.

“Consider also our Acoustic Volume Pot with Mid/Dark Switch, PE-0206-00, as it's designed to avoid drilling a new hole for another pot when you add the ghost system. When you replace your tone control with the Mid/Dark pot, the pot becomes the volume control for the acoustic, and the Mid/Dark switch (toggled by pushing in on the acoustic volume knob) gives you two tone positions, instead of a tone knob. You'll have bright (Mid-boost), or dark.”

Has anyone used this?

Re: Piezo tone control (or lack thereof) & Graphtech Ghost upgrade

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Re: Piezo tone control (or lack thereof) & Graphtech Ghost upgrade
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2018, 02:13:29 PM »
I wasn't aware (or probably forgot) that you could use a tone pot instead of the mid-dark switch. That seems optimal, although a real estate killer.

I use a lot of different mods and once I get a chance I'll chime in here and let you know what I think, but until then you can have a look at all these:,16182.0.html

Its sort of a hodge-podge of things I've tried to get what I was looking for. All of them work differently and I like MOST of them, but the White one gets the most use.

I started with a Brian Moore, liked the control layout, but Bought a Godin and loved that! I still haven't made a parker as useful as that Godin setup, BUT its really nice to have something lighter for 3 hours. The Multiac is a TANK!