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Author Topic: PM20 3x3 vs 6-in-row neck thickness diff  (Read 589 times)

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PM20 3x3 vs 6-in-row neck thickness diff
« on: January 01, 2019, 08:17:00 AM »
Hi Parker owners.
Before I ask my question, I should say that I have read all the topics where PM20 is mentioned.
I was thinking of buying a PM20. But what I really need is a neck not to be too fat. Once I had a chance to hold a Fly in my hands and I was shocked with its playability and convenience.
There is a lot of feedback on PM20 but the thing is that it is mostly of 2006 year. Any 2006 year feedback says it is a great quality guitar with a thin neck. And at that time PM20 was produced in Korea and had a hockey-stick headstock and Fly-like neck profile (correct me if I am wrong). What is sold around now (pre-owned guitars in Eastern Europe, Ukraine) is 3x3 headstock model that was introduced somewhat later (2008?] and produced in Indonesia. And feedback on Indonesian PM20 is not so good. Some guys write they are of poor quality and the neck is thicker.
I care much less about the puckups or tuners or volume knobs cause I can change any if them for extra money
 But I won't change the neck.
And I need a thin one as my left hand was injured once and I had a surgery and I need a thin neck for my convenience.
Unfortunately guys who sell them cannot give a clear answer about the neck thickness (no guitars at the local shop and I have to place a prepaid order and wait for the guitar to arrive).
So my questions are:
1) if anyone owns a 6-in-row and 3x3 PM20 can you say their neck thickness and profile makes difference?
2) what is the thickness of 3x3 neck between 12th and 13th fret in inches or cm or whatever? What is its neck profile (C or D or U)?
3) if anyone owned a 3x3 PM20, what you liked and disliked about this guitar the most?
Don't hesitate to ask me if I was not clear enough. English is not my native language.

Re: PM20 3x3 vs 6-in-row neck thickness diff

Offline ooglybong

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Re: PM20 3x3 vs 6-in-row neck thickness diff
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2019, 05:30:44 PM »
I own a 2005 Korean 'hockey stick' headstock Mappa Burl (see thread here:,16999.0.html ), and I *did* once own an Indonesian 3+3, selling that several years ago. I had assumed to discover a very similar quality (bought the 3+3 online) but found the neck *on mine* to be utterly unstable and the electronics super-uneven. Therefore I traded it locally for a different guitar within a few weeks (not a common decision for me). That said, the original '05 was/is perfect in every way and with zero issues through the years. Still a great guitar.

From what I can recall, the two necks were fairly similar but my '05 might have been a wee bit sleeker. (Of course, the Indonesian one, somehow unwilling to be set up properly by local pros, might have impacted my impressions over the years, too.) For what it's worth.

Of course, each guitar should always be weighed on its own merits, so, if at all possible, try them each. (I tried four '05s on the same day and each one played and sounded identical, so I just picked my favorite color!) But if I were going by online only, I'd buy the '06 over the Indonesian 3+3. IMO.

Finally, for the record, I so have three other Indonesian guitars, and those are just great, so my 3+3 PM20 might've just been a lemon. Too bad, but hey, it happens.

Hope this helps. Keep us posted. :)
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Re: PM20 3x3 vs 6-in-row neck thickness diff

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Re: PM20 3x3 vs 6-in-row neck thickness diff
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2019, 07:57:10 PM »
I have a ‘08 3x3 pm20 pro with a flat D shape neck profile.

Bought mine from guitar center, through the mail, arrived in a box, wrapped in bubble wrap, and I’ve never given it a pro set up. It stays in tune, neck is perfect, frets show slight wear, intonation is and has always been spot on, a phenolic fingerboard plays like a fly and its as shiny and black as a freshly washed hearse.....beautiful.
I have never played a Parker that had a fat or wide neck profile.
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