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Author Topic: Parker Plectrums/Picks  (Read 12357 times)

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Parker Plectrums/Picks
« Reply #30 on: February 02, 2009, 11:14:50 PM »
I have read your comments on carbon picks and have
some thoughts to add. First, all of the picks you seem to be
talking about are carbon fiber made fron (PAN). There
is a new carbon pick it is made of Isotropic carbon it
is not anything like the fiber picks it is all carbon (no
binders) the surface of the pick does not allow the pick
to rotate in your hand when you perspire, We have played
for over two years with the same pick and can not see any
wear at 4x magnification. The first production pick is .022
thick you can fell the strings and it is very acurate. The
tone is as good or better than Tortoise shell. Everyone that has
used it for more than a few minutes will not use any other pick.
(Ocker) said that he would buy one even if it cost $2 this one
is $32.48 with tax in Austin, Tx. The web site is Someone said that he thought carbon
is hazardous the dust could be but remember you are made of
carbon based molecules and the carbon in this new pick
is best known to the medical feld for devices implanted in the human body.