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Author Topic: Fly Deluxe and Jazz Flute  (Read 1268 times)

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Fly Deluxe and Jazz Flute
« on: March 31, 2007, 05:12:28 PM »
I'm reluctant to put this up because this is an unfinished song.  The vocals are a scratch track - the rest is pretty much done.  

This is a jam tune (3 chords!), generated by the bass player.  We really like the groove though, and ended our first set with it.  (Candyland, the default tune on my MySpace page was our finale, no matter if we played one or both of our sets.  That song features a Strat though, and so isn't posted here!)

Not only are the vocals the scratch track (you can here my daughter in the background, she was only 2 then - 5 NOW!), but the lyrics aren't written.  We played this for a few months; again, it was about feel.

Everyone HATES the "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" inspired Jazz Flute.  That's my Roland GR-30, triggered from the Fly.  Comments range from "It sounds more like a horn" (from the bass player) to "You've got to be shy-ting me" (my wife, the singer).  It won't make the final cut, but YOU get to hear it (if you make it that far[B)]).

The guitar IS my Fly (finally got it recorded!), with the acoustic side panned largely to the left, and the mags to the right.  The electric side is going through my Rocktron Taboo Twin, a slightly distorted patch called SOFT CLIP (tweaked to taste - NOT stock).

Let me know what you think, particualarly if it causes any illness (Karma Generator cannot be held liable if you listen to this, before, during, or immediately AFTER a meal!).

Try the hifi version.  I don't know if it makes a difference, but it might!

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