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Author Topic: DR Color Strings  (Read 7837 times)

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DR Color Strings
« Reply #30 on: August 22, 2005, 03:40:56 PM »
After reading all these good reviews about DR Strings I also wanted to have some for my fly. So, 2 weeks ago, when I spotted them at a guitar shop I bought a set of black beauties 9-42.
A few days later, one my strings(Elixir) tore and I put the new set of DR Strings on the fly and changed the battery.
When switching to the piezo I noticed that the high e string was making strange noises, somtimes no sound at all and sometimes a little humming as if the grounding had come loose.
I didn't think it could be the strings' fault because all other strings sounded good and I had all the reviews from this thread in mind.
I thought maybe the piezo was broken or one of the wires had come loose, because some forum members here have experienced these problems.

So today, I brought the fly to a guitar tech to have it fixed. He couldn't help me and gave me the address of another guitar tech. But it was already 6:30 pm and so I went home.
I didn't want the piezo to be broken (although I would pay anything to have the fly repaired), so I thought maybe the black strings are the problem after all. I didn't want to put on a new set, so I got the old e string out of the trash and put it on the fly and suddenly the piezo worked again.
Just to be sure, I put on the black beautie e string again and now the piezo had dropouts and everything.

I didn't want to bash DR Strings here, they sounded very good on the electric pu's and looked great, but I just wondered: Am I the only one having trouble with DR Black Beauties and the piezo?
Why me?

Maybe I should just stick to Ernie Ball.


1999 Parker Fly Supreme

1999 Parker Fly Supreme

DR Color Strings

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DR Color Strings
« Reply #31 on: August 22, 2005, 07:09:30 PM »
my piezos sounded better with the black beauties? Perhaps you just got an unlucky set?