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Author Topic: Please read before "modding" your guitar.  (Read 5157 times)

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Please read before "modding" your guitar.
« on: August 06, 2008, 10:26:03 AM »
<center>:::Please read before modifying your Parker Guitar:::</center>
<center>This forum is home to many knowledgeable and obsessed Parker players. Many will offer advice and examples of modifications done to their guitars. Also, many new members, as well as “lurkers,” are looking to modify their guitar and turn to this forum for answers. Please note that almost any modifications done to a Parker Guitar will void the warranty. Also, many of the modifications done by forum members, or otherwise, were completed by experts and should not be attempted under any circumstances. U.S. Music offers no liability from ideas, “mods,” or any other advice given by forum members. Take it with a grain of salt to your local authorized repair station, and let them do it. Just because you changed the pick ups on your Les Paul, doesn’t mean you will successfully change those in a Parker. It’s very different!
If you are planning on modifying a Parker yourself, please take my comedic quiz first. </center>

<div align=\"left\">1)   Do you know what “F” spaced pick-ups are?
2)   Did you get an “A” on your SAT exam in high school?
3)   Have you ever soldered your fingers together?
4)   Do you know where the pick-ups are?
5)   Do you know where the screws are in Fly pick-ups?
6)   Did you get the joke in question 2?
7)   Did you set up your guitar with 11 gauge strings and a 9 gauge spring?
8)   Have you locked your trem with super glue lately?
9)   Have you ever paid this much attention to one of justwatching’s posts?</div id=\"left\">
<center>Please don’t modify your guitar unless you absolutely know what you are doing. </center>

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