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Author Topic: Pinnacle of Wind  (Read 796 times)

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Pinnacle of Wind
« on: August 11, 2008, 07:59:28 PM »
A day or two ago I was searching down a CD that I wanted to acquire. A classical guitarist of note produced a double CD consisting of standard guitar 'exercises' and I figured that with the sheet music and actual music at hand I could practice classical guitar better.

I recalled the artist's name as something like 'Daniel Tenenbaum' so googled that, along with 'guitar'. My memory's going....

During my Internet search I stumbled across something that bears not all that much resemblance to my goal, but I consider it nonetheless serendipity a la Google.

Check out the first tune that this young "jazz/funk/pop" group has up on their MySpaceMusic website. It's called "Alopesia" (that hairless beast). Some nice guitar work toward the end.

I really like the I V IV progression they use, along with the occasional horn flurries.  

I sent a message of praise to the group and just got a reply from the guitar player with the similar name to the classical guitarist. He said that-

This band has been so much fun. This recordings on myspace our from a live at Off Broadway venue in downtown stl. Hah My buddy Max(the singer/piano)...You say the weird lyrics are interesting...its because everytime we play it, he makes up new lyrics. Its nuts..hah you never know what hes gonna say. Anyways Thanks for the compliments!Take it easy!
Here's the CD that I ordered, after that slight detour:
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