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Author Topic: 2008 Fly Mojo - Its now a keeper!  (Read 3586 times)

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2008 Fly Mojo - Its now a keeper!
« Reply #15 on: September 29, 2008, 09:01:24 PM »
Yesterday I went to GC and I had my Fly Deluxe
and my new Amp the Vox AC30HH. I played thru a
Bruno 2x12 Cab and did that sound good. I only
had about thirty minutes and I would like to try
a Vox Cab with 2x12 but none of our local music
has any in stock. I have Gen 2 pickups in the guitar
but I did buy a set of Gen 1 that I'll have to put in.
The Deluxe and the Vox sound real good together and as
I said I just have to buy a cab.
Lou D