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Author Topic: Changing the string spacing in PM-20 PRO  (Read 1036 times)

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Changing the string spacing in PM-20 PRO
« on: January 28, 2009, 07:16:04 AM »

thanks this forum exists.
I bought a parker pm20 pro and i didn't notice that the string spacing was narrower than what i'm used to. I play fender and ibanez both with 54mm from the first to the sixth string while the parker is arround 51mm. I don't feel confortable with this. I have seen that the neck is wide enough to make this distance between strings a little bit larger.
I have seen that people with pm20 (not the pro one) have changed the bridge either with a wilkinson or schaller roller blade. I don't know if both of them fit in the pro version. In the schaller you can modify the distance between strings but is a 14" radius and the pm20 pro has a 12" radius neck , is this important and how?. I've read that the schaller has worse sustain than the tone pros and maybe it won't fit right. Another thing i could do is changing the saddles of the bridge and doing the string in slot different places instead of the normal center slot.

I don'k know how each of these options would alter the playability of the guitar. Do you have any idea? I need some help
thank you in advance.

PD: i haven't seen which is the tone pros part number in the pm20 pro so i don't even know the specifications to change it.