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« Last post by axejock on Today at 06:04:15 PM »
Oh, and to further illustrate my ignorance Notes, what is "Band in a box"? Terminology and technology have apparently left me behind worse than I realized!!
« Last post by axejock on Today at 03:36:43 PM »
Wow! I fully agree that technology is taking over the world, including music production, and that it threatens an awfully lot of our traditions and older realities. I'm just glad that the bulk of my life was lived before this technology revolution, and I got to actually do things with my own skills and brain capacity! But I really don't think the idea of playing an instrument will die because of technology. It is now being used to eliminate the traditional rock/blues/jazz bands, but the venues that appreciate live concerts are still there and will want to see something more than a "black box" sitting on stage pumping out any sound you can feed it. Also, many of the computerized music generators and electronic driven sound effects are really cool! And nothing will replace the satisfaction of owning and learning to play a fine instrument like a Parker least not in my remaining years!
By the way, just to show my ignorance, what is a "synth"?
TECH TALK / Re: Parker guitar case angst
« Last post by Tangerine~Fly on Today at 10:08:44 AM »
I'm a sofa-plucker and don't gig so my guitars don't get exposed to travel/transportation extremes - except in the rare event they are shipped.

The HFC2 cases do fit like a glove and provide very solid protection - no doubt about that.  The DF and Supreme wood cases are more durable as an overall case shell but do not fit the guitar itself as well.  With a CF shelled guitfiddle like the Fly's, it isn't really a concern for me, but its still unsettling to have it rattling around in a case - its just not ideal for any guitar.

To the plastic/polymer case exteriors like the HFC2 - when they get cracked or mashed - they are done.  The case for my EBMM Armada is very similar.  When I bought it on line, during shipping the loading dock gorilla's at Fed Ex must have played catch with it - literally.  It arrived with the corner if the case crushed in almost three inches and foam loose - plastic chunks broken out.  A definite "Oh sh!t" moment when I opened the outer box.  Most importantly the guitar was still perfect.  Undamaged.  The case fulfilled its primary function.   

The plastic cases are "one and done" when the aluminum trim gets sprung or the outer case gets mashed.  But absent being run over by a car - they'll clearly get the job done. 

The wood cases' outer shells are harder/stronger and tend to take hard impacts better, but I don't know if they actually protect the guitar any better.  I own cases that have had the sh!t beat out of them and are still good.  Now, I much prefer the larger wooden/tolex cases aesthetically to the HFC2 cases, but that just my personal tastes.

Regarding temperature stability and such - If you own a Fly Deluxe, you own one of the most temperature/humidity stable, sturdy electric guitars ever made (second to the Viktorian's).  I think there is a story about Willie Nelsons' or some famous musician that had his brand new Parker Fly delivered and left under the deck at his home by the delivery guy and it sat there for weeks while they were on tour and it was still undamaged.  So, if you figure out a way to screw  up a Fly Deluxe that way - the case wont save you or your guitfiddle.

Just my two cents worth.
« Last post by Mr303 on Today at 06:49:17 AM »
Dan Hicks and his Hot Licks play it say it well?

Technology has been an issue for a long time :)

I met Dan a couple times over the years of going to his shows.
 He always remembered me even if it was a couple years later and the entire band was fun to talk to without
pretense or ego.

That man could play guitar!
 He is well known for “I scare myself” but Canned Music is a favorite since I abuse innocent guitars.

Beware the drummer

« Last post by Big Swifty on Today at 02:41:15 AM »
Nice work Notes, great story.'ll be the end of us.

I love it, we all love it, and rely on it.

But the price we pay as a a community (in that real life out there)..all (not so) slowly being insidiously undermined, usurped by corporation, company, start-up, gaming, social media, on-line community etc etc, all driven by profit and growth and which we have gladly, inadvertently, invited into every aspect of life where it thrives like your neighbours punk of a creeper plant-thing growing over the fence, finding it's way into all the cracks, slowly tearing the whole thing apart...

We will be nought but rubble.


And not the stuff at the beach, no no no!

But in a large glass display in the foyer of corporate HQ; a playground for child-kings to build temporary castles....

As technology sells the power of the individual, so too does society weaken.

Resit comrades, resist!!


« Last post by waldofly on May 19, 2018, 10:00:04 PM »
If you have one and want to sell, let me know
TECH TALK / Re: Parker guitar case angst
« Last post by That_is_a_Knoife on May 19, 2018, 06:06:13 PM »
I thought the same about my Case (like the picture from sybersitizen). The latches are closing but it seems really weak. I also have to glue back the insert (which isn't a big deal)...the previous owner just had it in the studio and one of the feet got shoved into the case. The structure underneath the glued on resting points can take any force at all. So i got a hole at that spot...maybe fixable with some glass fibre. A plus point is the weight compared to wooden cases i got from other Guitars.

If I'd be travelling with it, I'd grab some money and buy a different case.
I just have a refined Fly, did the really expensive orignal Flys also came in that kind of case?

What I also found weirid was the Manual. It's nice to look at, but the 2007 Manual leaves out important Information.
There is not a word about how to change the spring. I had to look in the available PDF version of the 1993 Manual to find the info.
TECH TALK / Re: Tension Question for Parker Fly 12-String Hybrid Project
« Last post by vjmanzo on May 19, 2018, 04:24:17 PM »
Agreed. My initial thought is to put a steel plate between the tuners and the wood; Sperzel ships the D-Thing with an individual plate like this to help strengthen the wood. Other ideas?
TECH TALK / Re: Tension Question for Parker Fly 12-String Hybrid Project
« Last post by mmmmgtr on May 19, 2018, 04:12:35 PM »
It seems to me that six more holes in that skinny headstock might present the biggest risk for failure.  May need to reinforce....
« Last post by Notes_Norton on May 19, 2018, 03:30:53 PM »
Harsh reality is I’ll never be able to quit my day job and be a musician.....oh wait ...I realized that many moons ago.
Harsh reality is that if I can no longer be a musician, I'm probably unemployable. But I have no intention of quitting my night job. :)

I'm lucky to have been born in a generation where one could make a living doing music and nothing but music. I think it's more difficult now.

When I grew up every hotel bar from a Holiday Inn hotel on up, every singles bar, every adults bar, and every popular bar had a live show in it, probably 90% bands. And they all had bands 6 or 7 nights per week. I even played in a strip club when I was 18 and the dancers disrobed to live music (great gig for a hormone overloaded 18 year old.)

There were no "open mic nights", no sports bars, anything bigger than a dozen bar stool tavern didn't have a TV in it, no DJs, and anything with a juke box in it was not a cool place to hang out. Of course, most of us were cover bands, but learning to be a "tribute band" to dozens and dozens of successful bands was good schooling in it's own way. How did Plas Johnson play that riff? How did Hal Blaine play that drum fill? and so on.

And because the technology wasn't here the bands were 4 to 7 piece. I got to travel to just about every state east of the Rockies, eventually as a warm up band for major headliners, made money, had delightful mutually exciting relations with many girls, and was treated as a peer by the likes of Rick Derringer, Junior Walker, Eric Burdon, The Funk Brothers, Tom Scott, and so many more. A dream life.

Today I'm an "almost made it" but at least I'm not a "has been" :D

There are plenty of better guitarists than me on this forum as it's my seventh instrument. But playing sax in a lot of very good bands I had a lot of good guitar teachers, so when I decided to take lead up seriously I took to it quickly and got adequate fast. But it's my 7th instrument, and I have to learn new songs for the duo, make the backing tracks, and also keep the Band-in-a-Box aftermarket business running, I don't have as much time as I'd like to practice, so I'll probably be decent but not great for a long time, and I'm OK with that. My main voice is my sax and wind synth anyway.

But (back on topic) I've played enough guitars to know the Parkers I own are great guitars. They sound great and are easier to play than the others I've tried. And if the guitar is easy to play, comfortable, well balanced, and ergonomic, most people can play better on them. And that's what we all want to do, play better.

Well, it's Saturday, so I have to go to work  (play).


Please excuse any missing letters, my keyboard seems to be skipping a little :(
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