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Yeah the easy answer is that accidentally dislodged the saddles' wiring, so I guess that's the first thing to check.  I'm not familiar with your model (or with Maxxflies in general): are the saddles steel, or are they made of the dark grey Graph Tech composite?  If they're steel, they ground through the block and so have only one wire coming through from each saddle to the summing board; if they're composite, they'll have a second wire for each saddle to go to ground, another thing to check...
One of the reasons that I jumped on this guitar, was because of the (DB- Black) finished neck. My 1995 White hardtail Fly Deluxe had a great neck. It was much more rounded and (I think) more narrow than this radial neck, but this is very very nice. Just really flat feeling with 9’s. Sounds great! I just can’t use it until I can get the midi interface installed. However, my Ghost System on my BC Rich Eagle, doesn’t track near as well as my GK-3 installed on my Ric 620.
Thanks. It is a Maxxfly. I should try to upload some pics. The bolt on neck is finished and has no graphics to indicate the model. It is fitted like a PDF 105 but it is DB. That doesn’t seem to be an option in any of the catalogs I have seen. It was advertised as a 2015. It has the abs hardshell case. The plastic is still on the truss rod cover. I had to replace the tremolo bushing, and I may have gotten the saddles messed up myself. The cavity was pretty full with wiring. I’ll try to add some pics soon.
« Last post by jarane on January 15, 2018, 04:38:40 PM »
If you're still looking, I just posted mine on
Yes I just had this problem - a guitar I bought over the internet had two dead saddles.  They don't sound completely dead because the adjacent saddles pickup the dead string's vibration but as you say, sounds half volume.  Like VJ manso says, it might be an easy fix if it's just a connectivity issue.  Check the soldering on the underside of the bridge, and depending on you model and year, check to see that each saddle is properly grounded.  Because piezos are a mechanical pickup, tapping each saddle at the breakover point with something should reveal if there's any output at all.

You don't actually say what model or year of guitar you have.  Sometimes you can find individual NOS replacement saddles for your particular model (both Fly and NiteFly went through several iterations of bridge saddles), but this can be an issue as piezos vary a little in output and so manufacturers tend to group them in 'matched sets'.

I opted to replace all six saddles with the "Ghost" saddles from Graph Tech.  They will retrofit any fly or nitefly piezo bridge and they will work with any of the old electronics right back to 1994.  They sell for about $100 on ebay or reverb (I bought mine on Ebay from Sporthitech, who accepted an offer of $95 and shipped very promptly).  If you ONLY want to replace the saddles and use the rest of your existing kit, you'll have to a bit of finicky soldering and a bit of wire-splitting with a razor blade, but for me, a relative hack, it took maybe two hours.  You don't have to disconnect the bridge or anything so it's pretty straightforward.  I tossed out the two dead saddles and kept the remaining four to use in case one of my other guitars develops the same problem.

The plus side is that, in my view, the Graph Tech saddles improve the sound of the guitar.  I was worried they wouldn't - I once tried Graph Tech saddles on a Paul Reed Smith and the killed it's upper mid tone and seemed to deaden the sustain.  On my Parker, the opposite seems true: the guitar as retrofitted (a 2004 Refined Fly) seems livelier and more organic than before.

One time-saving tip whatever route you take: take a photo of the bridge saddle positions before you take them off - when you put the new ones on, put them in the same alignment and you'll at least be in the ballpark for intonation (regardless of the saddles they're replacing, the Graph Techs have the same 'breakover' point so this actually works).

So... what model do you have?

Sounds like the end of the life of some of those piezo saddles, sorry to say. It’s possible that the issue is the piezo pre-amplifier, but it’s more likely the saddles (in my experience). Reviving them has been discussed on the forum (checking the saddle connections, gently), but since it’s happening to two of them sounds like it might not be an easy fix.

The good news is that there are replacement options (search here for Graphtec and RMC saddles) for both the saddles and the pre-amplifier.
Wondering if anyone has any experience with this same type problem. This was a purchase from Reverb, so I am new to trouble shooting these guitars. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Just to let you know if you can't find one, I have toured my 94 Fly Deluxe extensively (very extensively!) in a rectangular SKB hardshell case designed for a strat shaped guitar.

You'll need to make a small cut in the fabric and dig out a very little bit of the polystyrene foam underneath to get the upper horn to fit, but it works just fine and if you've been careful enough, the fuzzy black fabric stuff will lay right down and cover the cut so as you don't even notice it.

It doesn't fit perfectly all the way around the guitar, but well enough to hold it firmly.

It's worth remembering that these guitars are carbon fibre re-enforced wood, pretty sturdy stuff, they won't break easily.

Well, two SKB cases actually, the first one eventually started falling apart from use/touring...



PARKER CLASSIFIEDS / PM20 Pro Black 3x3 For sale $500 o.b.o.
« Last post by Mr303 on January 12, 2018, 02:55:24 PM »
I’m thinking I need to thin the herd

$500 or best offer

For sale
2008 PM20 Pro

3x3 headstock


This is in played but excellent condition.
 I purchased it from Guitar Center out of New Orleans sight unseen except for the crappy GC foto.
I just bought Godin 5th Ave for a plugged-in jazzy acoustic so I haven’t a need for this Parker guitar anymore.

Rare phenolic fretboard!!  Silky feel and slick.
  I’ve seen a few of these phenolic fretboard PM’s on the forum here.

Finish is excellent with no damage or flaws though there is typical light use wear from age and light picking etc. overall 9/10.
The binding looks really nice on this black body.

The pots and switch are crisp quiet and clean. I think the jack needs to be tightened up.

Coil tapping with warm mahogany tone from the pickups makes this a great guitar for jazz or rock.

I can’t post pictures but if you want to pm me I’ll send close ups of this axe.

Non smoking home, never been away from the wall hanger.
Stays in tune, period.

No case. (Will ship in the guitar box it came in.)
I’m in Denver Colo.

$500 or best offer

I have a reverb acct. for the transaction.
Lower 48 U.S. shipping only

Sold “as is”. No refunds

Tell your family!
tell your friends!
FLY GUITARS / Re: Neck profile questions between models and years
« Last post by Mr303 on January 12, 2018, 02:03:24 PM »
  My 2008 Deluxe, Definitely a chunkier, more 'standard' kind of feel in this later production Fly.

Yarp !

I concur, yet still very “shreddy” (is that a word? It is now!)

Aww he’ll it’s Friday going “Woodsheddin’” songs this weekend,
( think Dwight Yoakam and friends in the movie “Slingblade” but without any mayhem or talent!!)
Hope ya’ll get some picking time in too.
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