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Title: Noise in used Parker Fly De Lux 1995 - Please HELP!!!!
Post by: cesardariuz on April 07, 2018, 10:28:17 AM
I recently bought a used Parker Fly Guitar (1995 De Lux) from a guy on the internet. It was quite cheap (For a Parker not for a regular guitar) due to some issues.

When using distortion I get a grainy noise, they guy told me he has not done anything to it but changing one of the knobs (the volume one) because it got broken, he then kept on playing but some months ago the noise started and increased with the months.

I am very excited with my guitar, sadly I have no money to buy a new one and will have to settle with this used one and this issue while trying to fix it on my own. Any suggestions? I am based in Cologne, Germany so any luthier around is helpful for me.