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TECH TALK / Re: refined Fly loose dogbone glued in =>very quiet
« Last post by That_is_a_Knoife on June 05, 2018, 12:34:03 PM »
Thing is you can't really get in there with a blade because there isn't enough space.
I cut a piece from a razor blade and glued it to a pencil to scrape in there. And I already removed a lot. I'm not sure what is there left there is glue. It think it's pieces of the top layer of the piezo pad.
The bit in the lower corner in the end of the piezo pad. So it wasn't exactly center when they placed it in the saddle. I don't want to scratch too much or the whole surface is gone.

Maybe I'll try again with a different blade. I'm using a x40 stamp loupe.
Did some testing with nail polish and some kind of nail polish top coat that is added to prevent flaking of the nail polish. I'll probably go for that top coat if I apply a coating.

Thx for the reply. Those keep me going.
I wish I had a microscope. x80 or x100 would be helpful.
TECH TALK / Re: refined Fly loose dogbone glued in =>very quiet
« Last post by Big Swifty on June 05, 2018, 07:18:22 AM »

Looks to me that you might be able to get a a very thin Xacto blade or something similar and carefully try picking/scraping at some of the looser bits, see if they'll lift/chip off.

Carefully, with a magnifying glass..

TECH TALK / Re: refined Fly loose dogbone glued in =>very quiet
« Last post by That_is_a_Knoife on June 05, 2018, 06:13:44 AM »
Little update...

I started to sand the surface of the piezo pad with my "sanding sticks". I used punch pliers (correct term?)
to cut out small sanding confetti. I attached them on cut off toothpicks.
Sanded with 400, 600, 1200 grit (EU grit) but I'm still not happy with the surface.
I'm now experimenting to do the same with micro mesh pads. With a bit of the foam present, I think it can better adapt to the surface.

I've added 3 new pics to the album:

« Last post by axejock on June 04, 2018, 10:32:11 PM »
I really don't mean to beat this to death, but I got a "Y" cable for the DF 724 today and hooked it up with the piezos to the acoustic (Fishman) amp and the mags to my small, Roland Cube amp. What an incredible system....this guitar is Really cool! I can play solo piezos, solo mags, or both together which allows tremendous sound control. I'm sure you folks here know all about this, but I've never had a guitar with this capability and other premium features before. I guess I've become a Parker convert!!
PARKER CLASSIFIEDS / Re: Southern Nitefly
« Last post by Patzag on June 04, 2018, 07:50:10 PM »
« Last post by vjmanzo on June 04, 2018, 06:51:40 PM »
Fantastic! The Maxxfly history with citations!!
« Last post by axejock on June 04, 2018, 02:40:48 PM »
Thank you Sybersytizen for the incredible explanation of how the Maxx Fly "brand" came to be. These Parker guitars are not only exceptional instruments, but have back stories and a knowledgeable "fan base" that is not only extremely interesting, but clearly show the devotion to the brand of the users and affectionados of the instruments. I don't think I've ever heard as much detail about Fender or Gibson as you folks have assembled here. And I don't care if my guitar is actually a Maxx Fly.....the model name doesn't bother me at all!   
« Last post by sybersitizen on June 04, 2018, 01:44:15 PM »
By the way, is my DF 724 radial also called a Maxx Fly? I've had several folks ask me that!

Yes. You can see both names in the catalogs from 2012 and later.

As usual with Parker, the backstory is interesting.

The name 'DragonFly' (or Dragon Fly) was introduced in this forum in late 2008 to refer to the instrument that would debut in 2009 and become the precursor of all DF models. See this post from a Parker employee:,8745.html

It seems that the name might have been taken from a suggestion about a month earlier by a forum member:,8558.msg80024.html#msg80024

Or possibly going back even 18 months earlier:,2418.msg42936.html#msg42936

In March 2009, the VP of Manufacturing started this thread confirming the name:,9118.0.html

The model prefix for that line was accordingly designated as 'DF'.

However, not long afterwards the company discovered that Fernandes Guitars already owned the rights to the DragonFly name. The name was hastily changed to MaxxFly (yuck!), but the model prefix was left unchanged.

The DragonFly name never appeared in Parker catalogs (to my knowledge), though it does appear in the PDF of the 2009 price list. Apparently some instruments left the factory with a DragonFly logo emblazoned on the headstock:,12191.html

So, there are some 'true' Parker DragonFlys out there ... but by the time yours was made, that name had faded into history and only MaxxFly remained.

(BTW, the original Spanish Fly and Fly Concert models without mag pickups also underwent a name change. They were later renamed Nylon Fly and Bronze Fly around the time 'refining' of the Fly series occurred.)
PARKER CLASSIFIEDS / Re: Southern Nitefly
« Last post by Mr303 on June 04, 2018, 11:44:38 AM »
Man dats a nice guitar.
PARKER CLASSIFIEDS / Re: Southern Nitefly
« Last post by Big Swifty on June 04, 2018, 07:34:29 AM »

If i had the $$!

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