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PARKER ACOUSTIC GUITARS / Re: my p8e bridge lifting
« Last post by Gitariz on December 10, 2018, 09:08:33 PM »
had the same issue and I hesitated on using super glue cos I don't want to ruin it. I also had it fixed in a shop than fix it myself.
Happy to share this, Luke! I totally agree: Ken has a wonderful way of storytelling and is, obviously, quite knowledgeable about guitar-making. He was very kind enough to tailor this talk toward my students who are primarily engineers, and he was a real inspiration and encouragement to many of them in small discussions after this lecture. Class act!
Wow, thank you vjmanzo !   I have only watched a third of it so far, but this is a wonderful talk.  I find it intriguing how Ken combines stories and personal experiences with a bit of science and manufacturing sprinkled in into his unique talks.  Please give him a high five for me next time.

Buy one that's in good condition vs this fixer. The seller wanting that much is a red flag. The value is severely reduced due to those conditions. Most techs don't know how to work on them so it's got be perfect. Frets don't fall off unless some cleaner, oil, etc. was used. I'd buy off Reverb where descriptions and returns are available. I purchased mine online and have enjoyed years of use. Sold off my other guitars. Parkers will out last other guitars. Their 95's can still be in perfect condition with years of use left in them. Depends on how they were cared for.
Great points everyone! Re: "artist", I'm sorry to be confusing. I meant he got the guitar free from "artist relations" or whatever you call the company people who give out free equipment to promote themselves. It's definitely a Deluxe.

Given the fret issues, I'll pass. I liked the guitar, but it didn't blow me away. Maybe one that's set up properly would have done so...
Frets coming unglued is the only thing that would have deterred me.
OK, I tried it out and there were issues. He said he was given it from the factory as an artist ...

I'm not sure what that means. An Artist model vs. Classic model? The serial number letter code should indicate which it is. Also, Artists are generally much paler in color than Classics.

- It wouldn't hold a tune. It was low and every time I brought it up, it went out again. Maybe old strings, maybe the whammy settling in, but it did not give me confidence. Not sure what's going on.

All strings dropped, or just one or two? The latter could just be strings unwinding at the ball end. That's not uncommon.

- The bridge pickup was too high, and the neck way too low. The bridge pu was tilted about 20 degrees. Adjusting height should be straightforward, but the angle worried me.

Doesn't sound like a big deal.

- Two frets came unglued when it was removed from the case. Fortunately I noticed the problem and found them on the carpet. He said his tech would fix it, but I have reservations that someone not familiar with Flys would do a poor and temporary job.

Not good. Frets can be re-glued if it's only two (there's a video showing how to do it), but it's certainly better not to have that issue or wonder if others are going to come off

- The selector switches were bad. Toggling them a bunch of times helped. Maybe some contact spray would fix it, but maybe they need replacing.

Hard to tell with something that's been sitting unused for years.

- The bridge pickup sounded midrange-y and muddy. The tone control was at 10. The neck (from what I could tell) sounded OK, as did the middle setting.

There seems to be a lot of variation in the way people 'hear' pickups. Not sure what to say about that.

Do you think these could all be addressed adequately by a non-Parker tech? Even if so, I'd be very hard pressed to pay $2K. Would you be wary about buying this particular instrument?

Impossible to say for sure. It's a bit of a gamble, but so is almost every Fly bought through eBay or Reverb or whatever. I think I and many others here could deal with the issues, but I wouldn't want to spend two grand on a Classic needing the work.
Sounds like a good “project guitar”, but, when you consider that $1200 - 1500 and some patient eBay/Reverb-watching can get you a Fly in great condition, I would not consider $2k to be a good deal. If it were me, and it was an Artist, I’d offer maybe half of what he’s asking, but only because Artists are less common on the used marketplace than the Deluxe. If it’s a Deluxe in that condition, I’d be in the hundreds given the amount of work required. 

The frets, in my opinion, would be the biggest money pit/time sink. Electronics you can completely redo. The bridge, if you were tuning it in floating mode, seems like normal behavior; if it wasn’t floating, then that could be a different problem, but it was probably just in floating mode.
This kind of thing is my bag, baby!

 :D If you’re near central Massachusetts or want to make the drive, you (and everyone else!) have an official open invitation to be my personal guest at any and all future events happening through my lab!
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