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Title: Rust Removal on piezo elements/saddles and sperzels
Post by: That_is_a_Knoife on November 07, 2017, 08:29:24 PM
I got a refined Fly in Ice Blue Sunburst that is in an almost perfect condition except one indentation and the rust.
The previous owner stored it in a studio and had no silica bag or something similar in the case.
So...rust on:

I usually tackle rust with rust spot removal spray that is for cars. And some with WD-40 or rather Naphta (Lighter Fluid)
So before I try anything and wreck the piezos or the nice finish of those bridge parts, I thought if anyone had the same problems of you long term owners.
Anyone took apart the sperzels and knows how to do it? They are matt black finished and I guess they can turn out ugly pretty quickly.
I know enzymes in human spit can work as a very soft rust remover for tiniest spots but how will the piezos take it if I use that...also not exactly hygienic.

I sit a lot while playing and was so astonished how easy it is to play standing compared to other guitars.
So if I tackle the rust, throw in the other spring, work a bit on the nut and put on new strings It's fine.

It's not bubbly rust, but enough on the surface to bother me.

Anyone who had a rust problem with screws all over the guitar? Mostly the ones on the pins (I'd switch them out or brush off the heads and use rust transformer cause you won't see them anyway. Any kind of protective coating experience in black for screws?

Btw... Is the forum under constant attack so the verification is needed while I'm logged in?
No https protocol on the page. Not good for all the members.