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Title: Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz into NiteFly M
Post by: Mossman on January 05, 2018, 04:56:15 PM
Just installed Duncans in my 2001 NiteFly M. 

A few modifications required:

You have to shorten the screw-coil's polepieces, or route out in the body, because the Duncans' hang down about 3/8".  You can also swap in the shorter screws from the DiMarzios, the thread is the same.  Some folks do this deliberately with Duncans, and say it improves attack or tone by raising the magnetic field.  I've never noticed a difference.

You have to trim the square SD mounting tabs to a triangular shape to fit in the recesses, and drill out the holes slightly to accommodate the wood screws that hold them down into the body.  This will mean you can't easily put them in a 'normal' mounting guitar later, so make sure you want it!  You can black out the tabs with nail polish if you want.

If you use a Trembucker-size in the bridge, it will be a tight fit but the polepieces will better align with the string spacing (I've also never noticed a problem using a standard HB, but it just happened to be a trembucker JB that I had handy).

You can re-use the foam rubber underneath the original pickups.

If you want to remove the vulgar "Seymour Duncan" logos from the pickups, I find that Silvo or Brasso metal polish works great.  It's a mild abrasive polishing compound.

Anyway, worked fine, sounds really good.