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FLY GUITARS / Re: Master Volume
« Last post by Big Swifty on May 26, 2018, 11:21:59 PM »
Can't help u myself Patzag, but try posting on the Parker Guitar owners and lovers Facebook page.

I managed to get hold of a working ribbon to replace the broken one a little while ago, and a few other bits.

Worth a try I reckon.


TECH TALK / Re: refined Fly loose dogbone glued in =>very quiet
« Last post by That_is_a_Knoife on May 26, 2018, 10:06:57 AM »
apologies for being unclear, you're not dense.  Much is lost in text.  I will try to make some images that should clear things up- I'd love to help you. 

Right now I can't do that, but I will soon if you want.  If you can post 1-2 pictures that will help too.

To explain a little in the meantime, the main difference here is that I don't think you had good surface to surface contact on the bottom of the dogbone to the top of the piezo- not enough pressure on the piezo.

That glue can cure instantly on contact so it's very possible that it bonded before the dogbone was fully flush. 

If you find the time, I'd be glad to have some further instructions for re-glueing that little ****.

Guys, I got it out.
I first did some testing with heating a small piece of guitar string and with needles, but they cool down too quickly and I was sceptical about attaching a needle with wire to my soldering iron to keep it heated. After some further tests with other glued parts, I took the biggest tip for my Ersa Iron and set it to 400°C (752°F or 673K) and held it on the dogbone for 6 seconds (had a countdown set). Then I gave it 2-3 hits on the long side (facing the neck) with a piece of wood and a small hammer. I grabbed the odd shape with some splinter tweezers from my dads old surgical sets. That was it.
I put a big silicon matt on top of the guitar to protect against doofus contact with the hot iron. (It can't take more than 250°C, but it was better than nothing.)

The saddle itself stayed rather cold. I'll clean up and give it a try to test the piezo.
Hope it still works. I'm optimistic.

EDIT: There was some glue still left on the dogbone so I cleaned the bottom with a fresh razorblade with t, worked like a charm(had it in my parrot vise). That didn't work so well for the sides, so I used a 12000 micromesh pad. Not perfect, but looks better. I slightly polished the top with the balls as well, since it looked pretty beaten under my cheap stamp loup (x40).
Of course, there is still a small glue surface on top of the piezo i write this, there is some superglue drying between a hex shaped pencil and a small piece I cut from a razorblade to build a tiny scraper. I've got to be careful.

I removed the rest of the glue with my tiny piece of razorblade on a pencil. One of my better ideas.
I kept the guitar plugged in and set my small test amp up to max on the clean channel. I stopped my scratching on the piezo pad's surface when I could hear the scratching also on the one end that had superglue residual. I tapped all spots on the top of the pad, and I think i found the reason for the quiet sound.
It seems that part of the pad has a short with the dogbone inserted. I guess it is the spot where the cable connects to the pad. The corners on the bottom of the dogbone have also an angle. I first thought that way they won't get stuck. When i touch that spot, I hear quiet version of bad shiedling, like when you touch the end of the guitar cable jack. One side of the pad is also a little quieter.
What's left of my grey matter tells me to find some coating I can apply on that tiny area where I get the jack-touch-noise, to prevent that from happening. Question is what do I use?
Like a sort of isolation paint...any ideas?
I get the same noise now when I put the dogbone in and when I press on it on that side.
I'll add some picture, but it's hard to make good at that short distance.
« Last post by Big Swifty on May 25, 2018, 11:48:18 PM »
Yes, the output can be either stereo - one side mag other side piezo ( don't recall which side is which) or mono with mag/piezo combined.
The fishman pre-amp "auto-senses" the type of plug used (stereo or mono) and sends the appropriate signal.
However apparently this auto sensing feature can be a little flaky at times and is somewhat dependant on what you're plugging your guitar into in order to work correctly.
Never tried it on my DF, but there is info here if you have a search.
Get or make a Y cable and give it a go!

« Last post by axejock on May 25, 2018, 11:00:35 PM »
Let me see if I understand the workings of my DF 724. When we talk about using a Y cable to "separate" the Piezos and the magnetic pups, does this mean that my guitar is equipped with a "stereo output jack" that will carry the mag pups sound in one half of the Y cable, and the piezo signals completely separately in the other half of the Y cable? That would mean that output jack must have two sets of contacts, one for the piezos and one for the mags. Then, if I use a single output cable (no Y), the out put jack will send both the piezo and mag signals out through the common cable? That capability would be cool and the first time I've ever encountered this. You guys are a big help, so can you help clean this up in my "simple mind"? Thanks.
« Last post by Notes_Norton on May 25, 2018, 03:33:00 PM »
In my duo, I play sax, wind synth, guitar, flute, and sing plus I make my own backing tracks, so there never is a time where I really need straight acoustic. Since I use an fx/amp-sim pedal with a couple of acoustic simulations, that works fine for me. If I didn't, I'd try that Y cable and go direct into the PA, perhaps put some reverb on it.

But I really love blending the piezos with the mags. Although we are not a country band, we had enough requests to learn "Wagon Wheel" so I play fill ins and both solos using the neck pickup in the P-90 mode and crank the piezo knob up about 3/4 and although it sounds neither like a straight mag or acousitc, having elements of both, it really tickles my ears. I sequenced the fiddles for the intro, but they don't get one of the solos, I'm not going to let the machine have that kind of fun ;)

Other songs I'll use the bridge mag on single coil, turn the treble down on the mag a bit, and turn the piezo up about half way, it doesn't sound like a tele, but will fill the same space as one.

It's a fun tool to experiment with.

TECH TALK / Re: refined Fly loose dogbone glued in =>very quiet
« Last post by Big Swifty on May 25, 2018, 09:40:30 AM »
I think syber's idea is good, string the guitar back up before applying any glue.

I would add: then test the piezo to make sure u are getting correct output etc.

If all ok, apply small drop of glue to hold it in place.

If not, then.... Further troubleshooting etc

« Last post by sybersitizen on May 25, 2018, 09:37:06 AM »
It doesn't have to be complicated.

If you want something approaching an acoustic sound, you use the piezos by themselves. Run them through a 'clean' sound system or amp rather than a 'guitar' amp that typically adds unwanted distortion and color. An extra gadget like the Fishman box mentioned just enhances the acoustic realism a bit.

If, like some of us, you want to sometimes blend a bit of the piezo sound with the mags, you can do that using any normal amp.

In either case you use an ordinary guitar cable.

The only time you need a stereo cable and two different signal chains running simultaneously is if you require special sound setups and/or live switching between the sounds.
TECH TALK / Re: refined Fly loose dogbone glued in =>very quiet
« Last post by That_is_a_Knoife on May 25, 2018, 12:33:53 AM »
I'll post a few pictures as soon as I got time to take it out.
Your more detailed description would be highly appreciated.

@sybercitizen: Of course!
Me: the strings vibrations
You: about you stop that?
Me: Impossible
You:Have you seen Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy?
Me: Kinda
You: Towel.
Me: ooooooh O.O

All of your posts push me in the right direction.
Flat plastic HB mounting ring will work ok, you can either fit it ( Stewmac have a good video tute on how to this) or just screw it down, it should just bend to fit.

There, that's the hard bit dealt with, should be plain sailing from here on in!


« Last post by axejock on May 24, 2018, 06:48:53 PM »
Great responses, but remember that having recently "restarted" my guitar activities, I am a long way behind most of you in technology and terminology. I have a Martin Accoustic with a Fishman electronics package, and I used to play that through a Fender Acoustosonic Amp. It sounded pretty good, but not awesome. I sold that amp and bought a new Boss Katana 100 212 Amp, which includes an accoustic amp model. It works well with the Martin, but I don't know how I would run the Parker piezos through that amp model on the Boss, and then run the magnetic pups through a standard, clean mode on the same ampl. I do not have a "Y" cable, which it sounds like something I need, and it also sounds like I need two amps, one of which should be a PA system or a regular amp with some sort of "effects box" (which I don't know a lot about yet). I have multiple "regular" amps, so if I ran the mags through one amp and ran the "Y" cable with the piezos to another amp through some sort pf effects box, would I get the sound more accoustic sound from the piezos? I'm displaying my naievity, here, but gotta learn someway. The Parker is truly worth learning all of the details on!
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