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PARKER CLASSIFIEDS / Re: Parker Spanish Fly
« Last post by joedreamliner777 on July 12, 2018, 07:26:25 PM »
I have been looking for one for years and even asked Ken to build one and the custom shop was not even willing. One sold on reverb last week for 3995 but the seller was a collector that got it from someone else listed as mint but stressed it was a "used" guitar so I decided to pass because he could not tell me if there were problems and though I have 4k to buy it, it would have to be in fact, mint.
Wow that is a beauty! Tangerine is incredible color! I have 2008 fly in pearl white and also a 98 fly in teal mist. I don't know what us music corp did but the guitars from 03 and up just do not feel right and they used switches that fail at least in my 08 they did. I replaced them with C&K switches and never had an issue. I love the color and if it was predefined Ken Parker guitar I would make a great offer!
« Last post by Notes_Norton on July 12, 2018, 06:52:01 PM »
My duo partner bought a PM10, her first instrument is voice, second is synth, so she didn't want an expensive guitar. I was impressed with the build. The glued on neck fits so well that you have to take it into sunlight to see the seam, the wood grain almost matches. Opening the cover in the back the wiring was done neatly.

Guitar is my seventh instrument and I had been playing a Faux-LP (LTD) that weighed 8 pounds. I took to lead quickly as it is my seventh instrument, I played bass for a while, and I already knew barre chords. The interval between the G & B string did cause me to blunder more than a few times though. Since I wanted a light weight guitar for switching between sax, flute, wind synth and guitar on stage I went for the bolt-on DF. Again I was impressed. It is so comfortable and balanced it seems like I'm wearing it instead of playing it, it stays in tune well, and sounds good.

I had a problem, the wood cracked on the body after the guarantee expired. Parker glued it at no charge. A couple of years later it cracked again, Parker replaced it with a brand new one at no charge. Great customer service.

I loved the guitar but missed the P90 sound of my faux-LP and since I got such great customer service with Parker, I had them make a custom job for me. It took 7 months but it was worth it. Now I own two DF Parkers.

It's too bad other guitarists didn't recognize the advantages of Parker guitars, and thus it's too bad they went under.

I doubt if either of these will be collectors items, but I'm gigging with them and enjoying them. That's what counts to me. I'll probably wear one out if it's possible.

I do one-nighters which are notoriously hard on gear, and switching instruments makes it go off and on the stand all night. The light weight saves my arm, but sometimes when a switch needs to be quick, the guitar can get bumped a bit.

But I love playing it, I love how it sounds, and it puts food on the table.

Life is good.

« Last post by buy14u on July 12, 2018, 04:54:24 PM »
I play mine thru a Dr Z Carmen Ghia with a Celestion Gold speaker.  I am constantly amazed at the gorgeous tones I can get out of this little 2 knob combo with my Nightfly.
« Last post by TheGrail on July 12, 2018, 04:21:53 PM »
I'll chime in with my two cents .. I fell in love with the Fly the very first time I saw it at the NAMM show in 1994.  I was "in the business" and was able to get a very early black deluxe when they started making the whammy versions in volume (original run was stop tailpiece only).  I played the guitar a few times and then put it into a case thinking that it would become my "58 Les Paul, never played" ridiculous collector item in 20 years. 

Over the years, I got several others and the Fly has been my main guitar since then, current inventory is 5, including "Blackie".   I have come to realize that the original year Fly is not going to be collectible as I had hoped because of three factors: (1) the Fly was too different from a Les Paul or Strat and the average Joe guitar player never even considered it. (2) Some of the 'advanced' tech in the Fly has not proven to stand up to time. Specifically the ribbon cables in the electronics box become very brittle with age and cannot be replaced, hard wiring is the only way to fix it when they break. Also the glued on frets have been known to fail (I've never had that happen on any of my guitars, but you can see plenty of threads about it here.   And (3) the fact that the brand lost its visionaries when Ken and Larry exited after the Korg sale meant that the brand would get diluted - exactly what happened with the cheap bolt on flies, the "telecaster looking" fly, etc. The writing was on the wall when Korg sold out.

So my strategy is to love my collection, hold on to them, play them.  They are the best guitars I've found in my 45 years of playing. 
GENERAL DISCUSSION / Re: Worst abuse of a Parker Fly I've seen
« Last post by TheGrail on July 12, 2018, 04:02:59 PM »
I agree, I appreciate the guy's spirit in putting a Fishman and a headless whammy on a Parker.  I have a Fly that has all the pickups and electronics removed, just a Roland pickup, so I get that. The guy even took the time to make a form-fitted case for it.

 I think the thing that offends me is the amputated top horn.  It just makes me vom in my mouth a little whenever I look at it.
TECH TALK / Re: Midi Upgrade
« Last post by jb63 on July 12, 2018, 01:33:30 PM »,16182.0.html

I used Dayn Warren for my fleet of overwhelming guitars.
I can say I am satisfied.
GENERAL DISCUSSION / Re: Worst abuse of a Parker Fly I've seen
« Last post by ParkerPlayer on July 12, 2018, 12:45:45 PM »
Ya, the Steinberger Fly, or FrankenStein or..., I've got it: Flyburger.   
It's kind of shocking to see how modded this thing is.  If you love the Parker Fly form (which I do), it's almost offensive.
On the other hand, I agree with Syber.  Someone actually put a lot of thoughtful work into this beast.  I have to give them credit.
GENERAL DISCUSSION / Re: Worst abuse of a Parker Fly I've seen
« Last post by sybersitizen on July 12, 2018, 09:33:17 AM »
I'm pretty sure that one has been on eBay before ... and I wouldn't call it the worst.

I've seen Flys with parts crudely hacked off or broken, areas of the finish burnt or sanded away, etc. At least someone exercised some creativity and finesse with that one.
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