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GENERAL DISCUSSION / Re: Is it just me? My Fly sound is 'nasal' and 'thin'
« Last post by Fantasiasoul on November 10, 2018, 02:10:00 AM »
That's brilliant - my sound is so much better. Thank you very much for your help!
GENERAL DISCUSSION / Re: Is it just me? My Fly sound is 'nasal' and 'thin'
« Last post by vjmanzo on November 09, 2018, 08:37:59 AM »
No problem! The bridge-side coil under the B string is actually a 3/32” hex screw; same thing with the neck-side coil under the A string. Carefully unscrew them to loosen the pickup so that it moves freely in vertical space; then you can manually raise or lower the pickup height. When you’re happy with the sound, you can retighten the screws.
P SERIES GUITARS / P44 korea vs others P44s
« Last post by seftw on November 09, 2018, 07:20:20 AM »
Hello! I'm new in the forum. English isn't my first language, thank you for your patience.
I have a chance for buy a P44, but it's a chinese model, owner said. Have it got substantial differences than korean model?
GENERAL DISCUSSION / Tried three Parkers over the years. Third time's the charm
« Last post by ericzero on November 09, 2018, 07:18:51 AM »
Hi, all.

Like many people, I was always intrigued by Parkers, but it's not easy to find one to play. About two years ago I found a NiteFly V1 in a local shop in pretty good shape. While I like the vibrato and neck, the sound was disappointing through the amp I had at the time. Very thin and plinky, compared to a Fender Strat I also tried. I kept it for three days and returned it.

Then two weeks ago I spotted a '94 Fly Deluxe on eBay. I had a little money to play with so ended up winning it. It was very heavily used, though not abused. However, one fret had been re-glued pretty badly: it was actually crooked, with some superglue residue around it, another was coming up on the treble side, and a third was high enough I was worried. In addition, I really didn't care for the "both pickups" sound (I've read about the wiring fix), all the pots were a little loose feeling, and I couldn't for the life of me get the thing to stay in tune. Spent a day carefully setting it up, it had the right spring for the new strings I put on, I know how locking tuners work, and I've had guitars with Bigsbys I could abuse and stay in tune. Not this guitar. So, returned to seller because the frets coming off made it uplayable anyway.

So much for Parkers, I thought. Then, the day I sent the Fly off, a NiteflyV2 popped up for sale at a very good price. It looked clean and the seller seemed knowledgable. Okay, third time lucky, I hoped.

Heck yes. It was undersold in the listing: it's so close to new condition it could pass as new in a Guitar Center. Two little nicks on top, barely visible, and the usual pickguard wear. So clean you could serve breakfast on it, had the T-wrench and a pair of bridge-post-stabilizing washers in the case if I needed them. (The posts are leaning forward enough to just wrinkle the pickguard on the treble side, so next time I put strings on, I'll pull the bridge and install the washers to keep them straight. It's intonated well so I'm not stressing.)

And it sounds great! Since I tried the first Nitefly, I have switched to a Fractal modeling setup so I have two basic presets, one using a Matchless DC-30 sound and one using a modded Marshall sound. It sounded pretty good on the Marshall setup, but just came alive on the Matchless, doing the chimey sounds I'd expect but being able to the Teh Brootalz on the bridge pickup on the high-gain setting.

Neck is straight as a Kansas highway, action is stoopid-low but no rattles, and it keeps its pitch like a pop starlet hopped up on Antares Auto-Tune® (set up to dive only). I'm absolutely delighted with this guitar. I dunno why the first NF I tried was so disappointing in terms of sound: I played with pickup height and had fresh strings on both. Maybe it just was not the right amp (a Mesa-Boogie Express 5:25) for that guitar. It's a great sound on this rig.

Now to be sure I have a few key spare parts for the years ahead, as those inevitably get harder to find.
P SERIES GUITARS / Re: Differences among PM20-Pro models?
« Last post by Mr303 on November 09, 2018, 06:41:24 AM »
My PM 20Pro has 3x3 headstock and a phenolic fret board and it’s lighter than other LP style guitars.
I like the 3x3 since it’s “rare” to see on a Parker.
The finish is really nice, in line with all Parker’s.
Plays like a dream and sings like an angel.
I’m thinning my herd so if you’re interested in buying one feel free to PM me.

GENERAL DISCUSSION / Re: Is it just me? My Fly sound is 'nasal' and 'thin'
« Last post by Fantasiasoul on November 09, 2018, 05:14:28 AM »
Thanks for the reply - it sounds very promising. However, I cannot see how I can adjust the pickup height. The manual does not mention this at all and looking at the pickups on the guitar I cannot see any screws or anything that would enable adjustments. Can you let me know how you adjusted the pickups on your Fly??
P SERIES GUITARS / Re: Differences among PM20-Pro models?
« Last post by jb63 on November 08, 2018, 05:27:23 PM »
I've owned a few of the PM24v guitars and they were the ones wired like modern Les Pauls, so that's what the 4-pot/single selector with version will likely be. You can do some reading on the Modern vs. 50's wiring here:

It might be that they were wired 50's style.
P SERIES GUITARS / Re: Differences among PM20-Pro models?
« Last post by Joerg_L on November 08, 2018, 12:33:26 PM »

Maybe the old catalogs from Parker Guitars can help you?

2007 was the old model with the hockey-stick style headstock and two control knobs:

and since 2008 the newer model with the PRS-style 3x3 headstock, and four knobs:

P SERIES GUITARS / Differences among PM20-Pro models?
« Last post by Paradox427 on November 08, 2018, 11:59:30 AM »
Hi folks! New here, but not new to Parker Guitars. I'm lucky enough to be the original owner of a '95 Fly Deluxe (in red), which has been my favorite guitar since I bought it.
I recently decided I wanted to look at buying another Parker, and I love the looks of the PM20 series. The Pros are especially beautiful with their binding! I have played a regular PM20 in a store, but I've never seen a PM20 Pro in person, so I've been looking at used ones online.
So I believe I want to pickup a PM20 Pro... But there seem to be two major variations, and I'm not finding much information about the differences between them.
I'm including a couple of links solely for reference as to what differences I'm seeing.

This PM20 Pro has the original Parker hockey-stick style headstock and two control knobs:

This one has a more PRS-style 3x3 headstock, and four knobs:

I would personally rather have the 6 inline headstock as it feels more true to the Parker aesthetic to me. In my mind, that headstock design is just really closely linked to Parker guitars, and I've always liked it!
But that's obviously not the only difference, since the controls are different as well, and I don't know what all changed between those variations on the model. If there were significant improvements, maybe I should get the 4-knob version instead? Too bad I can't switch the necks...   :D

Can anyone explain what's really different between the models? Any help is much appreciated!
GENERAL DISCUSSION / Re: Is it just me? My Fly sound is 'nasal' and 'thin'
« Last post by vjmanzo on November 08, 2018, 09:53:46 AM »
I have those same guitars and I do play them with very clean sounds, so I can confirm that they should not be sounding thin for you. Adjusting the pickup height is something worth exploring as this makes a very big difference. Changing pickups is something that has been discussed on this forum; I've been able to get the sound(s) I want out of my Flys by adjusting pickup height and changing my string gauge and type.
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