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Title: ry cooder josephine live
Post by: bembamboo on September 24, 2018, 06:18:21 PM
one of his best live recordings imo.  tone is lovely.  style intoxicating.  sustain is pure sexuality. 

in 70 0r 71 I was playing an sg thru an svt/16 tens.  drummer gave me an Oahu lap steel he picked up in Denver in college.  thru the svt, no pedals, it was the most huge slide tone i'd ever experienced.  crunch.  sustain. I thought I was keef riffhard!!  I noted the old pickup assembly, a valco, had volume on top, tone below.  I dreamed for years of putting that pickup on a melody maker or sg.  then I saw what Ry had done with his strat, you can see it clearly here.  the two pots removed from the assembly plate.  now lollar makes one.  I've had other two other oahus since then.  there is no better.